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реклама  |  читальный зал  |  hitler  


(Russian version, or instead of a foreword)

Once upon a time Hitler, not yet being in power, liked to call on pubs and nightclubs of Munich, which were owned by Jews and semi-Jews. Having a pair of beer, he found an owner and offered him to make a new appearance of the place. For example, to cover walls, a counter and a ceiling not with drawings of a swastika, but with ordinary popular ones.

But Jews smiled and so nicely answered poor painter Hitler:

- No. No. No...

Just so he was told in banks, when he asked to grant him a credit for his dream - an advertising agency; at baker's, when he asked some bread on credit till his payday; in jewellery stores, when he asked for him, as a battle lance-corporal, just a little discount on a wedding ring for his bride. But as for a hairdresser's, they - Jews - cut his hair worse than everybody else's.

And smiled following him with their eyes. Smoked and talked about something to their wives and mistresses, laughing at the soldier. And after that presented them so expensive diamonds, which couldn't even be imagined by Hitler.

But how he wished to present his bride if only a little diamond!

Hitler is standing with his back to a Jew. And that one is in a good mood - already forgot about a visitor with funny little moustaches and a fringe.

Why is Hitler standing? Writing something with an ink pencil stump on a scrap of paper - today's issue of "Folkische Beobachter". Hi's writing down an address of the Jew. First name, second name. And straight away with some secret sign define a degree of a guilt. For not to return to it. In the future - not to be distracted from important state affairs.

The more Hitler walked all over the world, the more he talked with Jews, the more he began to understand that (no matter how he strong wished to do it) he could never persuade Jews to stop ill-treating German, owners of that land - Germany and the town of Munich. Hitler realized, that there is no exception among them, and no persuations and explanations are clear to these strange people. The figures they understand well, but not humane language.

And he often met German, who were as greedy as Jews, and foreigners, who came to Munich from neighbouring and distant foreign countries. Jews set a bad example. Both to some German and foreigners and PWN (Persons Without Nationality).

And so it happened in that times in Germany, that while Germans made war and fought for better life of all the inhabitants of the land just as they could, all working places were took away from them, money were stolen, and they began to write everything in newspapers.

And even a little kiosk couldn't be owned by simple German in Munich. Even a slight credit couldn't be received. And as to Berlin - there it was even worse.

Of course, Hitler was very nervous and run down man. Made a lot of mistakes. A lot of us Russians were killed because of him. But it should never be forgotten that if only rich Jews and other richmen, foreigners and PWN (Persons Without Nationality), who were taught by that Jews to behave them like that, just in time helped poor man, soldier, wounded in battles, then there wouldn't be that superwar and all 20 million Russians would stay alive. And so their children. And grandchildren. Hitler was sorry about many things and many people. Especially about innocent people, who were suffered because of, one would think, a mere nothing - because of a simple lack of attention for suffering and honest poor people.

Hitler was honest, and the good idea came to him. But we never understood anything. Who are they, insidious owners of the world capital and founders of all latest wars?

Who's guilty of your misfortunes? Hitler? Fashists? Jews? Islam? Negroes?

Who's the enemy of Russians?  |  читальный зал  |  hitler


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